Friday, January 18, 2008

"Change" Slogans We'd Like To See

I'm wearing press passes from the various campaigns here in Vegas. The Obama one says "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN." The Clinton one reads "READY FOR CHANGE! READY TO LEAD!"

As frustrated as he is by the media's focus on those two, at his expense, John Edwards' probably says "I"ve Got Your !@#$% Change Right Here."

A few more humble suggestions:

Dennis Kucinich: "Change Begins In Outer Space"
Mike Gravel: "Change My Medication"
Rudy Giuliani: "9/11 Changed Me. Ask Me How" Runner-up: "Change Wives"
Mitt Romney: "Changing My Mind"
Mike Huckabee: "What Would Jesus Change?"
John McCain: "Change? At My Age?"
Ron Paul: "Change Planets"
Fred Thompson: "Change Channels - Law And Order Is On Somewhere"
Duncan Hunter: "Spare Change?"


Anonymous said...

And on the democrats side for anyone not named Hilary or Barack: "Change, anyone have some?"


Anonymous said...

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